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For questions regarding property values or exemptions, please call the Dallas Central Appraisal District at 214-631-0520

The District was created as the Northwest Dallas County Flood Control District. The District is created under Article XVI, Section 59 of the Texas Constitution as a conservation and reclamation district to operate and exist as a governmental agency, a body politic and corporate, and a political subdivision of this state. The District encompasses approximately 610.7099 acres of land in the City of Coppell, Dallas County. Approximately 400+ acres were within the 100 year flood plain and approximately 260+ acres were reclaimed from the flood plain upon completion of the District's reclamation plan. Aprroximately 500+ acres then became available for development into a master-planned community of residential, commercial and retail establishments centered around a 95 acre golf course.

The District may exercise all of the rights, powers, privileges, functions and authority conferred and imposed by general law applicable to levee improvement districts created under Article XVI, Section 59, of the Texas Constitution, including those provided by Chapter 49 and Chapter 57 of the Texas Water Code. The rights, powers, privileges, functions and authority granted to the District are subject to the continuing right of supervision of the state to be exercised by and through the Texas Department of Water Resources.

The Tax Code governs the appraisal, assessment and collection of district taxes. The Districtís property taxes are levied each October 1 on the assessed value, as determined by the Dallas Central Appraisal District as of the prior January 1 for all real and business personal property located in the District. Assessed values are established at 100% of estimated market value. Property taxes attach as an enforceable lien on property as of January 1.

The District bills and collects its own property taxes.

H.B. 2390 was passed by the House on May 2, 1985; and House concurred in Senate amendments to H.B.2390 on May 23, 1985, and the recommendation of the Texas Water Commission was filed with the Speaker of the House on April 19, 1985 and the Act was signed by Governor Mark White, June 11, 1985, 69th legislature.

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